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It is with heavy hearts that the 100% Super Show Approved team must say goodbye to comics podcaster, Eric Martin. The news was relayed to us by Eric’s brother Michael via Eric’s Facebook page:

“My name is Michael Martin, I am Eric’s brother. I hate to pass this information so informally but I didn’t know any other way to reach many of Eric’s friends. My brother Eric died yesterday (Nov 18th) in his sleep from a massive heart attack. I dont have any information regarding his arrangements but you can all rest assured his wishes are being carried out.”

Eric Martin was one of the more prolific podcasters in the industry, having hosted Comics Playground, DC Noise, and The Trip, as well as appearing on Geek Brunch, Comic Racks and The Geek Savants. Eric, helped to build the podcast community and will be remembered for his passionate opinions and kind heart.


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